/* From: http://blog.csdn.net/super_demo/article/details/45866675 数据采用数据包的形式接收,接收后存放于缓存区,通过判断数据头和数据尾(可变)来判断数据的“包”及有效性,中断函数用于接收数据和判断头尾以及数据包长度,另一函数在main函数里执行,负责发送该段数据。 优点:适合打包传输,稳定性和可靠性很有保证,可随意发送,自动挑选有效


1. Memory (K) 2. NAND Flash : 9 3. Small Classification SLC : Single Level Cell; MLC : Multi Level Cell; SM : SmartMedia; S/B : Small Block 1 : SLC 1 Chip XD Card 2 : SLC 2 Chip XD Card 4 : SLC 4 Chip

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DEBUG:这个问题是内核BUG, 新内核已经修正。 Discussion: eMMC and “mkfs.ext3” hangs without “-E nodiscard” Hi all, on kernel 3.16.3 running on an i.MX6 with an eMMC card formatting a partition won’t work, it hangs. Wit

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TI8148_EVM# ? - alias for 'help' base - print or set address offset bdinfo - print Board Info structure bmp - manipulate BMP image data boot - boot default, i.e., run 'bootcmd' bootd


Frame rate control (FRC) is a method for achieving higher color quality in low color resolution display panels such as TN+film LCD. Most TN panels represent colors using only 6 bits per RGB color, or

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