windows – NTFS的最大理论数据传输吞吐量是多少?

最近我参加了本地用户组会议,主持人指出NTFS IO堆栈的最大吞吐量为1 GBps.他通过同时将两个大文件从同一逻辑卷复制到不同的逻辑卷(即[a]是源,[b]是目的地1和[c]是目的地2)并注意到转移率徘徊在500左右来证实了他的主张. MBps的.他重复了几次这个测试并注意到底层存储子系统是闪存(以确保我们不怀疑缓慢存储).

我一直试图验证这个断言,但找不到任何记录.我怀疑我正在搜索错误的搜索条件(“1GBps NTFS吞吐量”,“NTFS吞吐量最大值”).我对IO堆栈实际上是否限制为1GBps吞吐量感兴趣.



即使假设你的意思是GBps而不是Gbps ……




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Optimizing NTFS

NTFS Performance Factors

You determine many of the factors that affect an NTFS volumes’
performance. You choose important elements such as an NTFS volume’s
type (e.g., SCSI, or IDE), speed (e.g., the disks’ rpm speed), and the
number of disks the volume contains. In addition to these important
components, the following factors significantly influence an NTFS
volume’s performance:

  • The cluster and allocation unit size
  • The location and fragmentation level of frequently accessed files, such as the Master File Table (MFT), directories, special files
    containing NTFS metadata, the paging file, and commonly used user data
  • Whether you create the NTFS volume from scratch or convert it from an existing FAT volume
  • Whether the volume uses NTFS compression
  • Whether you disable unnecessary NTFS behaviors

Using faster disks and more drives in multidisk volumes is an obvious
way to improve performance. The other performance improvement methods
are more obscure and relate to the details of an NTFS volume’s

Scalability and Performance in Modern File Systems

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do direct performance comparisons
of the file systems under discussion since they are not all available
on the same platform. Further, since available data is necessarily
from differing hardware platforms, it is difficult to distinguish the
performance characteristics of the file system from that of the
hardware platform on which it is running.

NTFS Optimization

New white paper providing guidance for sizing NTFS volumes

What’s new in NTFS

Configuring NTFS file system for performance

Best practices for NTFS compression in Windows