bluetooth BLE enable , WIFI Moniter mode

enable bluetooth ble mode:


- <bool name="config_bluetooth_le_peripheral_mode_supported">false</bool>

+<bool name="config_bluetooth_le_peripheral_mode_supported">true</bool>

2. set wifi moniter:

This document introduce how to trigger monitor mode to sniffer packets in the air by Realtek WiFi sulotion.

1. Please make sure your driver is supporting monitor mode feature, you can consult with FAE or other contact window of Realtek.
A. Check the contain of Makefile in driver source code, make sure the value of "CONFIG_WIFI_MONITOR" is set as 'y'.B. There are some older driver may not have "CONFIG_WIFI_MONITOR" setting in Makefile, the monitor mode feature is innate in those driver.C. Monitor mode feature CAN NOT coexist with RADIO_WORK declearation which's needed by Android L!! wifi would not enter monitor mode if  CONFIG_RADIO_WORK flag is defined. 2. please make sure your system support following command. A. tcpdumpB. ifconfigC. iwconfig. 3. Insmod the Realtek wifi module. (ex insmod 8188eu.ko) 4. Type following command, where "wlanX" means the realtek wifi network interface 4.1. ifconfig wlanX up                //ifconfig wlan0 up4.2.iwconfig wlanX mode monitor/*support wext sulution.*/  or   iw dev wlanX set type monitor/*support cfg80211 sulution.*/4.3. echo "<chan> 0 0" > /proc/net/<rtk_module>/wlanX/monitor/*<rtk_module> is the realtek wifi module name, such like rtl8812au, rtl8188eu ..etc*/4.4. tcpdump -i wlanX -s 0 -w snf_pkts.pcap/*capture the sniffer packets and save it as a file "snf_pkts.pcap" */ 5. Perform a packets analyze tool suck like "wireshark" or "omnipeek" and open "snf_pkts.pcap" file. 6. Done. Note1: The releasing driver may only verify the monitor mode feature, it may NOT guarantee fully WiFi function is OK, please check with Realtek to figure out the capability of the driver. Note2: During the period of monitor mode is running, let WiFi HW only focusing in sniffing task. Only one process is allowed to control WiFi HW and receive sniffed packets from raw socket, such as tcpdump or rtw_simple_config, any other process of involving WiFi MUST be stopped. In other word, wpa_supplicant & hostapd process need to be killed, Android framework need to be configured as WiFi disable status. If driver support concurrent mode, another interface(wlan1) MUST be in idle state.