Drupal学习笔记(十三)What is Ad Slot ID and how to use it?

Issue Summary


Google introduced a new way to do ads in Oct 2007. It is called Managed Ads.

you use this feature, the adsense code on your site only has 4 fields, a height and width, so that the inital iframe dimensions do not mess up the site's appearance, your publisher ID, and a slot ID.

Everything else is managed from your adsense account. This includes color, channel and everything else.

You should find a tab in your account that is called Managed ads.

The versions of the adsense module 5.x-3.x and 6.x-1.x support this new code.

You need to create ad slots in your google account and then paste the slot id into the block.

I bet Google will yank the old way of doing ads at some point, once enough pubishers get on the managed ads bandwagon. Just like they ditched referrals.