一、Download and unpack APM Server for Linux

Download APM Server on Elastic.co

二、Import dashboards (optional)

APM Server ships with pre-configured dashboards.

./apm-server setup

If you're using an X-Pack secured version of Elastic Stack, you need to specify credentials in the apm-server.yml config file. Documentation.

三、Start APM Server

The server processes and stores application performance metrics in Elasticsearch.

./apm-server -e

四、APM Server status

Make sure APM Server is running before you start implementing the APM agents.


Install and set up APM agent

ruby on rails (Beta)
一、Install the apm agent

Add the agent to your Gemfile

gem 'elastic-apm', '1.0.0.beta2'   #注apm-agent beta的版本号

二、Configure the agent: Ruby on Rails

APM is automatically installed. Configure the agent, by creating the config file config/elastic_apm.yml

# config/elastic_apm.yml
server_url: 'http://74.xxx.xxx.xxx:8200'
log_path: 'log/elastic_apm.log'
  - prod
See the documentation for configuration options and advanced usage.

三、APM agent status

Let's check that the agent is running and sending up data to APM Server.

Warning: The Ruby agent is currently in Beta and not meant for production use.