Ruby 1.9.1 发布

Ruby 是由日本人松本行弘发明一门免费的、简单的、直观的、可扩展的、可移植的、解释的脚本语言.
用于快速而简单的面向对象编程.类似于 Perl,它支持处理文本文件和执行系统管理任务的很多特性.

Ruby 1.9.1 supports the use of native threads and an implementation of fibers, and it is claimed that Ruby 1.9.1 is twice as fast as 1.8.7. This is great news for Ruby developers. However, it is warned that "unless you're dead sure of what you're doing, definitely do not expect to be using Ruby 1.9.1 as your production version of Ruby right away!", cautions Ruby Inside. They also mention that "a lot of libraries and gems will not work with it", and that "you'll see a lot of blog posts coming along in the next few weeks and months regarding efforts to bring existing libraries up to 1.9.1 standards".

Never-the-less, this is a great release for those programming with Ruby.

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