powerdisinger 中将comment复制到name

1、选择tools-->execute commands-->edit/run script


Option Explicit ValidationMode = True InteractiveMode = im_Batch Dim mdl ' the current model ' get the current active model Set mdl = ActiveModel If (mdl Is Nothing) Then    MsgBox "There is no current Model" ElseIf Not mdl.IsKindOf(PdPDM.cls_Model) Then    MsgBox "The current model is not an Physical Data model." Else    ProcessFolder mdl End If ' This routine copy name into code for each table, each column and each view ' of the current folder Private sub ProcessFolder(folder)    Dim Tab 'running  table    for each Tab in folder.tables       if not tab.isShortcut then          if tab.comment <> "" then           tab.name= tab.comment          end if          Dim col ' running column          for each col in tab.columns             If col.comment <> "" Then              col.name= col.comment             End If          next       end if    next    Dim view 'running view    for each view in folder.Views       if not view.isShortcut then          if view.comment <> "" then           view.name = view.comment          end if       end if    next    ' go into the sub-packages    Dim f ' running folder    For Each f In folder.Packages       if not f.IsShortcut then          ProcessFolder f       end if    Next end sub