ManagedProperty, CrawledProperty and Fields

ManagedProperty, CrawledProperty and Fields

Couple days ago,? one friend asked about the MOSS search, he want to have a search interface which can bring the exists value from the column definition. This function wasn‘t supported by the default advanced search web part. In the beginning, I couldn‘t found anything talking about it, because there are rear people working on change (inherit) current default advanced search web part. Here is the best post I ever saw. we can create a customized search web part and utilized the default search result page base on the post.

Later, there has some gate still after we built the web part. How we can mapping the search schema into the content type/columns. Actually I don‘t found one artical which described on this topic. The relative objects are ManagedProperty, CrawledProperty, and they are not one on one relationship, what a superise! After dive into the structure, the CrawledProperty.Name is the only thing we can mapping into the exist content type, with translate. The naming conveision is the field name with the ows_ prefix and convert the space, dash... to be the unicode mode, like _x0020 or _x002d.

If anyone have any idea, please let me know, the hint is very import for me.

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