Jenkins 项目构建之“构建后操作”——Build other projects

Trigger builds of the other projects once a build is successfully completed. Multiple projects can be specified by using comma, like "abc, def". Other than the obvious use case where you'd like to build other projects that have a dependency on the current project, this can also be useful to split a long build process in to multiple stages (such as the build portion and the test portion).

Nested projects need to be specified by using a path. It can be an absolute path starting from Jenkins root, like "/grp/abc" where "grp" is located at the root of Jenkins. It can also be a relative path from the current project location, like "grp/abc" where "grp" is located at the same level as the current project. Examples of plugins that provide such implementation include but are not limited to the CloudBees Folder Plugin and the Multi-Branch Project Plugin

** 构建完此项目之后,自动构建其他项目。 **