name stuck

Technically speaking, saying “YUV” to describe YCbCr is not accurate at all,but the name stuck, and so now, most people who are talking about YCbCr use the term YUV incorrectly.

其中的“name stuck”怎么理解,再参看这句:

"As the operating system progressed through the development cycle, the name stuck as Gates and other Microsoft employees had become attached to it."


我再来啰唆下,说的是微软在操作系统的研制一步步推进,但是还没有一个合适的名字来命名这个操作系统,打算在成熟的时机给她正式命名, 但是比尔.盖茨和其他的微软员工已经习惯了“Windows”,所以只有约定俗成,沿用至今。所以name stuck 可以理解为“约定俗成”。