Guide to update the Cisco Phone Firmware via CME

Guide to update the firmware:

Step 1, Download the Firmware
1) Download it via by
2) Find the related the phone module , and then download the SCCP/SIP fireware, normally the phone will be worked as the SCCP,
3) The firmware since 9.0 the file extension will be changed as following show:

Step2, copy firmware into CME router via TFTP
Run command: copy tftp flash:
Please copy all the file (all extension) into the flash.

Step3, configure CME as tftp-server to make the Phone download the firmware:
Run the command: tftp-server flash: <filename> with all the extension
For instance: tftp-server flash:BOOT69xx.0-0-0-14.zz.sgn

Step4, configure the 6921 load the firmware
Run the command:
load 6921 SCCP69xx.9-4-1-3SR3
create cnf-files

step 5, troubleshooting run commands: show ephone phone-load debug tftp events show log